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Anish Menon PhD | Georgia Institute of Technology, USA


Dr. Anish Menon has been a highly intellectual and hard-working person throughout his academic journey. After completing his bachelor’s and master’s of commerce, he did his MS in Finance from IIT Madras. He is also a qualified Chartered Accountant-cum-lawyer.

Dr. Anish Menon has defended his Ph.D. from IIM Bangalore. Currently, he is doing his second Ph.D. in management with majors in Accounting and a minor in Psychology from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Dr. Ashish Menon describes that the job market in the USA is very different from India. Like it is a guarantee that if you get a Ph.D. from IIM Bangalore, then you will get into one of the other IIM. But in the USA, there is a Miami Rookie Camp in the Accounting area.

Most of the scholars go to Miami. They look through it and give a 30-minute-long presentation. Also, the next round is campus flyouts wherein you need to give a pitch for around 2-3 minutes. If the employers like you, you will be hired.

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Dr. Anish Menon Research Interests include Behavioral research in financial accounting. Specific interests include investor and manager decision-making regarding financial disclosures and accounting standards and earnings management. Also, Teaching Interests include Financial accounting, financial statement analysis, and valuation, cost accounting, and management accounting.

His Working papers

  • ”Investor responses to additional information related to pay-ratio disclosures”
    (Dissertation and Job Market Paper)
  • Dissertation Committee: Kathy Rupar (Chair), Jane Thayer, and Shankar Venkataraman

His work in progress includes

  • “The effects of specific goals and the salience of costs of accounting
    discretion on earnings management” (with Kathy Rupar)
  • “CEO gender and CEO pay-ratio disclosure on investor judgments”
    (with Kathy Rupar and Jane Thayer)
  • “Hybridized Financial Reporting and Accounting Expertise” (with Jonathan
  • “Do I care what my boss makes when I know how she makes it? Pay
    ratio disclosure and employee productivity” (with Jonathan Kugel and
    Ishitha Kumar)

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