Prof. Prashant Salwan on management research

Prof. Prashant Salwan is a faculty member in the area of International Business and Marketing at the Indian Institute of Management, Indore. He chairs the International Business area and the Indian Multinational center. He has many years experience in the field of Marketing, International Business, Strategic management, Global Strategy, International Marketing, Multinational and Transnational Management, Technology Management and Project Management. He has written books in the area of Best Business Practices for Global Competitiveness, International Marketing and International Business Strategies. Prashant Salwan was selected and inducted in The Marquis Who s Who in the World 2007 for demonstrating outstanding achievement in the field of International Business and Strategy and contributed significantly to the betterment of contemporary society.

Prof. Prashant salwan has shared his views which would help us in building world’s largest network of Professors and Students.

Question: What is the future of management/ engineering research?

 Management research future is looking from an individual point of view. Macro, Meso and Micro research foundations have to be linked to betterment of society and life of each and every person.

In Engineering research will become more applied and focused on sustainable development .

Question: Where does India stand at world research platform in terms of research contribution?

Indian Professors have done excellently well in management and engineering research. Abroad Indian professors have created a niche and researched on practical issues which gave solutions to many  fundamental problem being faced by developed world.  But Indian professors in India are more focused on research focusing on number of publication not impact of publication. The research is more of extension of some other research not creation of some thing new. This has resulted in low level of research being produced in India .

Question:  How can a professor contribute to increase industrial and universities research collaborations?

A Professor first has to be good in his work and should have the knowledge on how an industry works. It should be made compulsory for any Phd Student in management to have some minimum work experience in an industry.  

Question: What benefits Industries/Companies can enjoy through collaborating with universities?

Industries and universities can update their knowledge if they work with each other. The collaboration also helps in developing competitive advantage for the industries and for faculties the interaction will help in teaching and research .

Question:  What is research collaboration all about?

Enhancing knowledge and finding answers to real world problem .

Question: Is there any platform where  an independent researcher go out and collaborate with other researchers in academia/ industries?

No, there is no tangible portal available.

Question: What support does a professor needs for research collaborations nationally and internationally?

First reach and networking and second finance

Question: How can professor support ongoing collaborations of institutes/ universities/ industry ?

Institute funds or some research projects

Question:  What help professor need in matters related to collaboration agreements?

Connections, Networking, Finance, legal


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