Assistant Professor IIM Amritsar

Assistant Professor IIM Amritsar | ft. Prof. Harpreet Kaur

Assistant Professor IIM Amritsar | Harpreet Kaur is an Assistant Professor in the area of Quantitative Methods and Operations Management at the Indian Institute of Management, Amritsar. She has completed her Ph.D. from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. Previously, she has worked with the Birla Institute of Management Technology. Her research interests lie in Sustainable business operations, optimization, mathematical modeling, disaster relief operations, and procurement management.

Question: Why do you consider yourself a researcher?

Answer: I feel a researcher is a person with a “problem-solving” mindset. In any situation, I try to find out ‘why’ this thing is happening. Upon identifying the causes, I try to find out ‘how’ this can be fixed. And this principle is not only restricted to academia but can also be extended into our lives. There are many unpleasant situations we face in our day-to-day life. Sometimes we get angry, but sometimes we try to identify the cause of the problem and the possible solution. If you do later more often, you are a researcher.

Question: Which areas of research interest you?

Answer: I work in supply chain modeling, predominantly in procurement and supplier selection. I am also working on sustainability and resilience in supply chains.

Question:  How would you like to extend your work ”Sustainable Stochastic Production and Procurement Problem for Resilient Supply Chain”   published in the Journal of Computers & Industrial Engineering?

Answer: The paper in its current form integrates the decision-making for production and procurement processes considering both sustainability and resilience concerns. It is realized that many business risks can be addressed by integrating supply chain decisions. Therefore, I would like to extend the model for an integrated end-to-end supply chain planning considering the recycling of the products as well. Because, in the current global scenario, we do not afford linear business models anymore. The world is moving towards a circular economy and the business models must incorporate the end-of-life product returns from customers back into their supply chains.

Question:  Which areas would you be interested to collaborate?

Answer: I would be interested to collaborate on business sustainability and resilience. Earlier, sustainability and resilience were addressed separately as different disciplines. However, now it has been realized that both issues need to be addressed simultaneously for better business performance.

Question:  Research is a lonesome journey. What keeps you motivated?

Answer: In the research journey, one needs a regular dose of motivation and inspiration from time to time. For me, traveling rejuvenates my energy levels. However, if my schedule does not allow traveling, I would like to read fiction.

Question: Any message you would like to give to young scholars to do path-breaking research.

Answer: I would like to advise young scholars to do good research in their capacity. Research is a slow and steady process. Every time you publish an article, challenge yourself to do even better next time. I personally believe that research must adopt three qualities in order to do “pathbreaking” research i.e. Patience, Persistence & Perseverance (3P’s). With these qualities, experience, and understanding a researcher can clearly make a mark.

Assistant Professor IIM Amritsar

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