Paper Rejection Chisels the research Output | Prof. Rishi Raj Sharma | Associate Dean | Guru Nanak Dev University

About Prof. Rishi Raj Sharma

Experience: 20 years

Teaching Specialization- Marketing, CB, Advertising

Research Area- Advertising, KM, Sustainability Marketing

Expertise- Scale Development and Model Building, SEM (Smart PLS & ADANCO)

Publications- 52

Research paper presentation- 90 (National and International conferences)

Total Citations- 82

H-index- 7.13

In 1999, Prof Sharma started his marketing career at OCM – Birla VXL Ltd. as a marketing professionals trainer. This industry exposure, made him discover his interest and acumen in teaching so he shifted to the teaching profession and joined Guru Nanak Dev University in 2001.

His objective was to chisel his teaching and research skills through in-depth, incessant learning and active interaction with students and learners of management discipline, to achieve self-actualization.

He got selected as Associate Professor at UBS, PU Chandigarh in 2016. Later he got back to his hometown and got promoted as Professor in GNDU, Regional Campus, Gurdaspur and presently, he is acting as an overall administrator of the campus as Associate Dean.

There are 52 research publications to his credit in eminently peer-reviewed journals and also a book on advertising. He received Gold Medal thrice for the best empirical research paper at a conference hosted by All India Commerce Association, at Bangalore University (2013), KIIT University (2014) and Panjab University (2018).

He is involved in multifarious activities like Research Degree Committee, Board of Studies, Dept. of Comm. & Business Mgt., Academic Council, GNDU, Amritsar. In addition, he is also part of the selection panel of many colleges in this region. These assignments have led me to have gainful insights into the teaching and research administration at University Level.

Key Takeaways:

1. How does a rejection chisels the research output?

2. Is developing a research aptitude a must?

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