Welcome to InkpotHub

We Enrich & Celebrate A Researcher’s Journey

Who we are?

We are India’s first digital media platform for researchers/ scholars, that enrich and celebrate the research ecosystem.

We believe that aspirations become achievable when cushioned by desired information and constant inspiration.

We at Inkpothub put a lot of efforts to bring forward the relevant information to enrich researchers (potential researchers’) journeys.

When our mind receives a constant flow of positive stories, then it acts as a source of inspiration. Hence we expound and showcase the stories of amazing researchers.

What do we do?

The Inkpothub Team brings you stories of researchers, help potential researchers to make choose research as a career, build the resource pieces and bring information (relevant to prepare for the research journey).  

We share the journeys of successful researchers from different spaces and walks of life. These stories have the power to ignite and instill the hope to sail through tough times, to enjoy little successes, to bear the pain of little failure, and to celebrate ‘research’.

What started as a small but robust group founded by ‘enthusiastic researchers’ in 2018 is trying to become a part and parcel of every researcher’s journey. Our content is positive and celebratory. We are analytical and critical in nature but never negative and cynical.

So far we have published (text and video- YouTube Channel) 150 stories and helped more than 5000 potential researchers, scholars, and professors.

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Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis
Welcome to InkpotHub
We Enrich & Celebrate A Researcher’s Journey