Ph.D. Admission Process at Georgia Institute of Technology

In conversation with Ms. Sakshi Dhawan, pursuing Ph.D. from Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, USA.

Sakshi Dhawan is currently pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy – Ph.D. focused on Cognition and Brain Sciences from Georgia Institute of technology. She has done a Master of Philosophy in  Neuromarketing, Master of Business Administration in Marketing and Information Systems, and Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering. Sakshi has more than two years of Industry experience as Project Coordinator for Online solutions and Sales Officer for the Personal Care and Household Product market. Sakshi’s research interests lie in cognitive control, attention, and decision making.

Here are the timestamps for the topics, which are discussed in the video:

1. Educational background, its impact on the Ph.D. decision (00:27)

2. How to prepare for the Ph.D. Program? (03:36)

3. How to list down and finalize the universities? (04:08)

4. Which qualifying exam to prepare for? (05:12)

5. Perfecting resume & Statement of Purpose (05:51)

6. How to go about the LORs? (06:09)

7. Key points to be covered while writing the SOP (08:12)

8. Exams- GRE and TOEFL (11:36)

9. Financial Support (12:26)

10. Program Structure (13:56)

11. Suggestions to the potential scholars (15:57)

Hope you all found this video useful..

Her Ph.D. admission experience is going to be helpful for potential Ph.D. students.

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