The journey of publishing: Convenience matter in mobile banking adoption intention? | Prof. Bikramjit Rishi | IMT Ghaziabad

Prof. (Dr.) Bikramjit Rishi holds Post Doctorate (Funded by European Union) Ph.D and MBA. He has more than 18 years’ professional experience and currently Associate Professor (Marketing) at Institute of Management Technology (IMT), Ghaziabad, India. He has 35 referred research papers, 9 book chapters, 7 cases, 40 conference papers and three books to his credit. He has presented research papers in several reputed national / international conferences in India and abroad and also has chaired sessions in the national and international conferences. He has also given key note addresses in many national conferences in India. He has delivered guest talks/ invited presentations in several Top Business Schools in India and abroad. Due to his significant contribution he has been conferred by Emerging Marketing Scholar (Academy of Marketing Science), 2011. He was Faculty Fellow, at 3rd (IMT Dubai), 4th (IMT Ghaziabad) AMA (American Marketing Association) Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium. He was the Conference Co-Chair for the 2014 International Conference on Technology and Business Management (ICTBM) Organized by AIMS international and held at American University in the Emirates, Dubai on March 24 -26, 2014. He was the conference co-chair of the Emerging Markets Conference Board (EMCB), 2019 held at IMT Ghaziabad on January 6 -8, 2019.

1.      What made you do post-doc in The University of Liechtenstein? What was your approach/ process to apply? How was your experience there?

I came to know about the Post-Doctoral Fellowship scheme from the European Union’s Erasmus Mundus program. I came to know about this from the International Relations Office of IMT Ghaziabad. I designed a proposal on the Marketing of higher education, and the European Union accepted the project under this scheme. I got an invitation from the University of Liechtenstein, and I joined there in August 2010.  

During my tenure, I visited many universities, including the University of St. Gallen and the University of Innsbruck. I got exposure to Swiss, German, and Austrian culture. I also came to know about the business environment, and I conducted a seminar on ‘Doing business in India’, which was attended by more than 35 companies and got coverage in a leading newspaper.   

2.      Tell us about your research paper “Convenience matter in mobile banking adoption intention?”, which got published in the ‘A’ category journal recently.

I am a co-author in this paper with Prof. Amit Shankar from the Indian Institute of Management Vishakhapatnam. The purpose of this study is to explore how different dimensions of online convenience impact mobile banking (m-banking) adoption intention. The findings from 432 banking users show that access convenience, transaction convenience, and possession/post-possession convenience predict m-banking adoption intention, with the chief driver being the possession/post-possession convenience. Further, results suggest that the intention to adopt m-banking leads to m-banking adoption and usage. These findings offer unique insights to banks about how to make m-banking platforms more convenient for enhancing the pace of m-banking adoption intention and usage.

3.      How could you differentiate your learning as a PhD Scholar in India and Liechtenstein?

I found significant differences as a research scholar in India and Europe. The significant difference is of research approach and timelines. In Europe, the research approach is more structured, and deadlines are rigid. There are more transparency and clarity than the Indian research environment. 

4.      Where do you see yourself down the line?

I want to see myself in managing a marketing research center in a leading institute in India. The marketing research center will be one of its kind to bridge the gap between academia and industry. I want to focus more on action-based research using both qualitative and quantitative approaches, which will have a higher impact on the practice of marketing in India.

5.      What would be your message to the fellowship/PhD candidates who long for PhD./Research?

Do not research for the sake of the degree. Research to have an impact on the industry and academia. Think about a research topic that will have long term implications for the industry and academia. You need to be more focused in approach.  Indian institutions should collaborate with industry to offer Ph.D. programs that will be more useful for candidates, industry, and institutions. 

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