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In conversation with Prof Satish Kumar Prof Satish Kumar is currently working as an Associate Professor of Finance at IBS Hyderabad. Earlier he was associated with IIM Amritsar.

His popular researches are:

1. Satish Kumar, Aviral Kumar Tiwari, Yogesh Chauhan and Qiang Ji (2019), “Dependence structure between the BRICS foreign exchange and stock markets using the dependence-switching copula approach,” International Review of Financial Analysis, 63, 273–284. (ABDC – A)

2. Yogesh Chauhan, Rajesh Pathak and Satish Kumar (2018), “Do bank-appointed directors affect corporate cash holding?” International Review of Economics and Finance, 53, 39–56. (ABDC – A)

3. Yogesh Chauhan and Satish Kumar (2017), “Does founder ownership affect foreign investments?” Emerging Markets Review, 32, 116–119. (ABDC – A)

4. Satish Kumar, Rajesh Pathak, Aviral Kumar Tiwari, and Seong-Min Yoon (2017), “Are exchange rates interdependent? Evidence using wavelet analysis,” Applied Economics, 49(33), 3231–3245. (ABDC – A)

5. Satish Kumar and Stefan Trueck (2014), “Unbiasedness and risk premiums in the Indian currency futures market,” Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions & Money, 29(1), 13–32. (ABDC– A)

His research interest

-Currency Futures Markets

-Corporate Finance

-International Finance and Economics

-Financial Risk Management and Commodity Markets

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