PhD at IIM Calcutta

PhD at IIM Calcutta | Programme Overview

PhD at IIM Calcutta | The Doctoral Programme of the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta was started in 1971. It is a full-time programme offered in various specializations in management and related disciplines. The programme seeks exceptionally motivated and committed students who will engage in rigorous interdisciplinary research. The programme is committed to educating scholars who will become leaders in their fields of research. IIMC doctoral programme seeks out individuals who

  • Are Intensely Inquisitive
  • Enjoy Intellectual Challenges
  • Are Creators of Original Thoughts

Programme Overview


To prepare students for careers in teaching and research in management studies and in related disciplines, and for careers in the government, in industry, and in other organizations that require advanced analytical and research capabilities.

The Doctoral Programme has two streams

The Doctoral Programme in Management
The Doctoral Programme in Disciplines Related to Management
Finance & Control
Human Resource Management
Management Information Systems
Operations Management
Organizational Behaviour
Public Policy and Management
Strategic Management.  
Operations Research & Systems Analysis
Regional Development

Admission for PhD at IIM Calcutta


Step 1: Appear for CAT/ or any test (GMAT / GRE / GATE/ UGC-NET/JRF in lieu of CAT

Area of Specialization Test(s) in lieu of CAT
Economics GMAT / GRE / UGC-NET in Business Economics / Development Economics / Economics
Finance & Control GMAT / GRE / UGC-JRF in Commerce / Economics / Management
Human Resource Management GMAT / GRE / GATE / UGC-JRF in Economics / Management / Law / Labour and Social Welfare / Human Resource Management / Labour Welfare / Personnel Management / Industrial Relations / Psychology / Sociology
Management Information Systems GMAT / GRE / GATE / UGC-JRF in any discipline
Marketing GMAT / GRE / GATE / UGC-JRF in Economics / Psychology / Sociology / Anthropology / Management
Operations Management GMAT / GRE / UGC-JRF in Management / Mathematical Sciences
Organizational Behaviour GMAT / GRE / GATE / UGC-JRF in any discipline
Public Policy and Management GRE / UGC-NET in Anthropology / Economics / Environmental Science / Geography / History / International and Area Studies / Law / Management / Political Science / Psychology / Public Administration / Social Work / Sociology
Regional Development GRE / UGC-NET in Anthropology / Economics / Geography / Population Studies / Public Administration / Sociology
Sociology UGC-NET in Anthropology / Economics / Political Science / Sociology
Strategic Management GMAT / GRE / GATE / UGC-JRF in Anthropology / Commerce / Defence and Strategic Studies / Economics / Environmental Science / Geography / History / Law / Management / Political Science / Psychology / Public Administration / Sociology

Step 2:  Fill application (application opens for 2-3 months : November- January

Step 3: Application review

Step 4: Interviews happen in the month of March/ April

Step 5: Declare of results by the end of April

Step 6: Course work begins in July

That’s the start of a roller coaster ride. Have fun during the process.


Financial Support for PhD at IIM Calcutta

  • No Tuition Fees
  • Stipend: Rs. 30000-35000 per month
  • Student development support
  • Computer Grant
  • Support for Fieldwork
  • Support to attend International Conference/Workshop
  • Doctoral students are usually provided accommodation on the campus on payment.
  • Some residential facilities are also available for married students.

For further details please visit the IIMC website

PhD Admission Interview Experience

Semiotics | Challenging research areas | ft. Dr. Ridhi Agarwala | Ph.D. IIM Calcutta

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