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Dr. Gyan Prakash is currently working as an Assistant Professor at Dr. B. R Ambedkar National Institute of Technology, Jalandhar, Punjab. He developed professional logistics to improvise student performance. Also, he guide, lead, and mentor students in research projects. His Area of Specialization include Marketing Management, rural marketing, and Consumer Behavior and Current Research Interests include Green Marketing, Sustainable Consumption Behavior, Rural Marketing, and Consumer Behaviour. His Research papers have also been published in the best National and International Journals. His recent published Research topic in 2020 is “Does environmentally responsible purchase intention matter for consumers?”

1. As you studied Biotech initially, what curved your path or motivated you to PhD in Business Management? (flashback/ throwback to your story)

In the adolescent age, I was fascinated by the business and aspired to try a new thing. During my graduation, I was influenced by Dr. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, Founder & Chairperson of Biocon. I decided to pursue an MBA in marketing and wanted to start a small research lab. However, it was hard to arrange capital for the business; I left my dream for some time. After completing my MBA, I started working at Eisai India which is one of the leading Pharmaceutical enterprises of Japan where I met a number of biology researchers and marketing research teams. I decided to pursue a PhD after cracking UGC NET with JRF. With the fellowship, I joined a PhD in Business Management at Indian Institute of Technology, Dhanbad

2. Describe your experience of Research in the area of Marketing and the various challenges faced during your Research Journey in the same domain.

After completing my MBA in Marketing, I started working in one of the prestigious company at Eisai India. It was my first experience whichdrawnme towards marketing research and created inquisitiveness about it. After that experience I decided to join PhD program in marketing. In 2012, I got a chance to join Ph.D. program at the Indian Institute of Technology Dhanbad, India which gratified my fervor to know more about marketing and management research. During my PhD, I faced number of challenges such as data collection, and access to research paper. However, my perseverance and support of friends and colleagues turned the problems into solutions. I completed my Ph.D. degree in 2017 from the Department of Management Studies. To continue my research journey, I joined the Indian School of Business (I.S.B), Mohali, Punjab, India. At ISB, I got a chance to meet number of researchers and renowned professors in Management field and learn number of things from them.

3. Your latest Research paper published in 2019 in Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services has been written by you and many co-authors. How did you manage writing altogether and aligned your respective Portions?

Usually it is quite difficult to manage people but I am very fortunate in this aspect. I have magnificent relationship with my co-authors and they are very clear about their role in this paper. However, my part was to manage the article inclusively and primarily research methodology part. We worked as a team and helped each other for this article.

4. In 2020, another paper is published in the International Journal of Business Innovation and Research on “Young consumers’ loyalty towards premium and non-premium shoe brands”. How did you decide the topic and manage its publication in one of the best journals?

Actually, the idea arose in a fun trip. One day, I and my colleague decided to visit a mall in Chandigarh and we visited a shoe shop.

However, first, we visited a local shop in Chandigarh and after that, we went to a premium shoe brand shop. We discussed number of things over there and decided to conduct research on that topic.

Moreover, it is a difficult task to manage publication always but by God’s grace, we managed it.

About the paper:

This study aims to investigate difference in the path leading to young consumers loyalty for premium and non-premium shoe brands in emerging economy like India. This study adopts a descriptive and cross-sectional research design which involves primary data collection from 526 respondents through questionnaire survey method. Four sports shoe brands are considered Nike and Adidas as premium and Bata and Sparx as non-premium brands. Data analysis involves application of structural equation modelling with the help of SPSS-AMOS software. Results indicated that brands emotional value and satisfaction are positively related and both act as significant predictors of brand loyalty for premium and non-premium shoe brands. No significant relation is observed while linking brand awareness with emotional value and perceived quality with satisfaction. Present study addresses this gap by investigating the path to loyalty for premium and non-premium shoe brands.

5. Are you planning to do Market Research on various aspects affected by Covid-19?

I am already working in the related subject. As we know that covid 19 has highly affected the consumer’s behaviour regarding their choice of products and their decision making. Now consumers are more aware about the environmental effect on their health. Consequently, I am working on themcurrently.

6. What would be your message for the Marketing Candidates or the potential researchers?

Although, I am in an early phase of my career, however, I would like to advise young scholars to do research that can be beneficial to their surroundings.

Writing research papers is always a hard and stretched task but always try to motivate yourself.It is impossible to work round of the clock so enjoy with your friend, family and your colleagues.

One more thing, always try to aware and keep yourself up-to-date regarding the new research in your concerned area.  Always follow systematic work procedure. Last not the least, always be honest with your work and honesty will always assist you to do things on time.

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