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PhD at IIM Indore | Programme Overview

 PhD at IIM Indore | Established in 1996, the Indian Institute of Management Indore (IIM Indore) has been a leader in the field of management education, interfacing with the industry, government and PSUs. IIM I’s logo carries a proclamation in Sanskrit Siddhi Moolam Prabandhanam ‘सिद्धि   मूलं  प्रबंधनम’ encapsulate the belief that ‘the root of all achievement is management’. 

Ph.D./ FPM Overview

The Fellow Programme at IIM Indore is a unique doctoral programme in management. It is designed to provide both breadth and depth of knowledge to doctoral participants in management.

The programme has the two-fold objective of enabling the participants:

  • to master the relevant methodological tools of management research
  • to advance the current body of management knowledge on the other.

Specialization/ Areas (8 Areas)

  • Communication
  • Economics
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Information Systems (Information Systems Management, Emerging technologies, and Data Science / Analytics)
  • Marketing Management
  • Operations Management and Quantitative Techniques (Operations Management, Operations Research, Statistics, and Mathematics)
  • Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management
  • Strategic Management (Strategic Management, International Business, and Entrepreneurship)

Test Scores for PhD at IIM Indore

Area of Specialization Acceptable Standard Test Score(s)
Communication CAT/GRE/JRF
Financial and Accounting CAT/ GMAT/JRF
Information and Systems CAT/ GMAT / GATE / GRE
Marketing Management CAT/ GRE/GMAT
Operations Management and Quantitative Techniques CAT/ GMAT / GATE / GRE / JRF
Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management CAT/ GMAT/GRE/ JRF
Strategic Management CAT/ GRE/GMAT


Selection Process for PhD at IIM Indore

  • Stage 1:  Eligible candidates should submit their applications online.
  • Stage 2: The shortlisting will be done by the respective Areas and candidates will be called for a Personal Interview (PI)
  • Stage 3: Admission Committee Round: The Admission Committee judge the candidate on different parameters. Candidates meeting the minimum performance in the PI will be considered for Stage-4.
  • Stage 4: Area Wise Selection: Final selection will be based on the requirements of the academic area to which the candidate has applied and an area-wise offer list will be prepared by the Areas only.

Financial Support for PhD at IIM Indore

  • No Tuition Fees
  • Stipend
Year/ Stage Stipend Amount (in Rupees) per month
Course work (Term I, II, III, and IV) Each term is for three months 27000
After clearing the comprehensive exam 33000
Thesis Proposal Approval by the Thesis Advisory Committee 40000  
  • additional financial support is available through the following

Year Amount Purpose
Contingency grant (annual, 1-4 years)    Rs. 25000 purchasing hardware, software, books, and for meeting photocopying expenses.
  • Support to attend International Conference/Workshop

    • National Conference grants of up to Rs. 30,000 per year with a provision that from second year onwards for attending one / more than one conference per year.
    • International Conferences, the Institute subsidizes expenses subject to a ceiling of Rs. 200000 with a provision of attending a maximum of two International Conferences plus International Doctoral Colloquium or International Professional Development Workshop during the entire period of the programme but not beyond five years.


  • Free boarding and lodging on campus (FPM Hostel).
  • Limited accommodation for married participants may be available on the campus on a payment basis (subject to availability and other applicable rules of HS&A).

For further details please visit the IIM Indore website

Prof. Manoj Motiani | IIM Indore

Associate Professor IIM Indore | ft. Prof. Manoj Motiani


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