Priya’s IIM Ph.D. admission experience | IIM Shillong | Economics

In conversation with Ms. Priya Shah

Priya is a 2nd-year student at IIM Shillong in Economics Area.

In this interaction with Dr. Anita Sharma, Co-founder Inkpothub Media, Priya is sharing her Ph.D. Admission Preparation Experience.

If you are a Ph.D. aspirant then you must be struggling and looking for help to understand how to prepare, what to prepare, which books to read, how to appear for the interview, and what skills are needed.

The interview panel looks for your commitment and motivation to pursue the program. They also wish to understand your ways and means to sustain during the program.

Time Stamp


00:26 Her Introduction and Pre-Ph.D. educational background

01:02 Why Ph.D.?

02:30 Experience at IIM Shillong

03:25 Which Exam she appeared and what was the score?

04:40 Interview preparation (books, blogs, journals) What’s the motivation and commitment from your side Keep the research problem in mind and draft a synopsis Do Google Scholar search to prepare Read subject-specific textbooks to brush up the basics

08.00 Interview experience

12:18 Statement of Purpose

13:48 Tips: focus on the institute’s vision and your research interest.

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