Write paper reviews as if you are writing to yourself | ft. Dr. Raj Shankar | Nord University

Dr. Raj Shankar is an Associate Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Nord University Business School, Norway. He received his doctorate from the Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India. His research interests span corporate accelerators, corporate entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial ecosystems, and academic entrepreneurship.


Raj has published in the Journal of Business Venturing, Simulation & Gaming, and Journal of Entrepreneurship. He has authored books, book chapters, and cases. Raj is an award-winning entrepreneurship educator and has delivered Masters, Ph.D., and Executive Education programs across Asia, Europe, and South America. Raj has a decade of business consulting experience with i-flex Consulting (now Oracle), Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, and Ichiban Consultants (entrepreneurial endeavor).


Time Stamping

00:30 Introduction

01:30 Research Journey Blogger, Professor, Entrepreneur, Consultant, Researcher, and Reviewer.

05:40 Blogging experience and its relation with other fields

10:40 Research in Entrepreneurship

12:40 Learning from Reviewing

16:30 Reviewing Challenges

20:12 Message to upcoming scholars (as a reviewer and as a scholar)

Provide developmental and constructive feedback

Be empathetic

Don’t be harsh

Write paper reviews as if you are writing to yourself

Be very specific

Read a lot

Write everyday

Enjoy rewriting

Work with good scholar Be honest and transparent

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