PhD at IIM Udaipur

PhD at IIM Udaipur | Programme Overview

PhD at IIM Udaipur | Established in 2009, IIM Udaipur aims to set a new benchmark in the field of management education by combining excellence in both teaching and research. The Institute strives to make a real difference to the region, forging strong relationships with local NGOs and government and working closely with industry on live projects, internships, guest lectures, faculty research, and many events throughout the academic year.

PhD at IIM Udaipur

The IIM PhD Program is IIM Udaipur’s doctoral-level program designed for students with strong academic credentials who aspire to undertake demanding original research. Students earning a PhD in management from IIM Udaipur will be well-equipped for a calling in academia, especially with the increasing focus on continued research throughout the career.

Areas/ Specialization (4 areas) for PhD at IIM Udaipur

  • Operations Management
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Organizational Behavior & Human Resources Management
Areas Test/ RAT Personal interview
Operations Management Research Aptitude Test (Mathematics, Probability and Statistics, Operations Research, Research Paper analysis PI
Finance & Accounting Research Aptitude Test (Mathematics, Probability and Statistics, Finance and Accounting, Research Paper analysis PI
Marketing CAT/GMAT/GRE/NET-JRF in Economics/ Psychology/Sociology/Anthropology/Management (Shortlisting and Call for PI)   PI and model/ framework to critique  
Organizational Behavior & Human Resources Management CAT/GMAT/GATE/GRE/NET-JRF in a relevant discipline (Shortlisting and Call for PI)   PI

Eligibility Criteria

Candidates are eligible to apply for the PhD program if they fulfill the following criteria:

  • A Master’s Degree in any discipline, with at least 55 percent marks, AND a Bachelor’s degree/equivalent qualification with at least 50 percent marks (minimum three years of bachelor’s level education after the completion of higher secondary schooling).


  • A professional qualification (completed) such as CA (ICAI), ICWA, CS with a Bachelor’s degree


  • A 4-year/8-semester Bachelor’s degree with 6.5 CGPA or equivalent.

Financial Assistance for PhD at IIM Udaipur

  • Tuition Waiver for the entire program.
  • Stipend
Year/ Stage Stipend Amount (in Rupees) per month (based on 10% increment every year)
1st year 30000
2nd year 33000
3rd year 36300
4th year 39930
5th year (maximum) 43923
  • Contingency Grant: Rs. 50000
Year/ Stage Amount (in Rupees) per year
1st year 50000
2nd year 25000
3rd year 25000
4th year 25000
5th year (maximum) 25000
  • Grant for laptop: Rs. 50000 (one time)
  • Research funds: Rs. 150000 (conducting their dissertation-related research) 
  • Conference Support
Event (conferences/ seminars)  Amount
National Rs. 20000 per year
International (outside India) Rs. 200000 (a total over a period of four years

IIM Udaipur PhD Overview

Prof. Tanvi Gupta

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