Rahul’s IIM Ph.D. admission experience | IIM Ranchi | Strategic Management | 2020

In conversation with Rahul K.

Rahul joined the Ph.D. in the Strategic Management area at IIM Ranchi in 2020.

Inkpothub featured him to know his interview experience at IIM Ranchi.

Watch the video to know:

– what was in his SOP which caught the eyes of the selection committee?

– how he cracked the interview?

– overall interview experience



He is an educator, who’s currently doing research as Ph.D. Scholar at IIM-Ranchi in the field of Strategic Management, Sustainability & CSR. My academic background in STEM & Environmental Science has given me the edge to have a unique interdisciplinary approach. Worked with municipal corporations, industries, and NGOs in the field of waste management & sustainability. Worked on a restoration project in the coal mine of Dhanbad to form a new ecosystem services study that was not attempted before Avid PC Gamer and well versed with Microsoft tools, Digital Analytics, Video Editing & Python. Learning CSS & Microsoft Power Bi Planning to launch my own company by December this year which will fundamentally change the disappointing Ed-tech vulture that has cropped up, along with other projects that is going to come up by mid-2021.

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