Anger and Output | ft. Prof. Avik Sinha | Fellow IIM Indore | Goa Institute of Management

In conversation with Prof. Avik Sinha.

Prof. Sinha is an Assistant Professor in the area of General Management and Economics at Goa Institute of Management. He is also part of the Centre for Excellence in Sustainable Development. He is a Fellow in Economics from the Indian Institute of Management Indore. His research interests include Energy and Environmental Economics, Sustainable Development, and Applied Econometrics.

He works in the area of policy research for attaining the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with a special focus on SDG 13, SDG 7, and SDG 8.

Recently, he has started looking into the dark side of innovation, while viewing innovation as a tool responsible for the tradeoff in developmental policies. On the methodological front, he is presently working on advanced quantile modeling, decomposition-based inequality assessment, and co-movement analysis. While not teaching or doing research, he loves to spend time in the library, which has a rich collection of Bengali Literature.

As a trained musician, he has a keen interest in music composition, and his favorite genre is Indian Classical Fusion. Being a trained painter, he also loves Psychedelic Sketching, for which he has won several awards at the national level.


Besides being a bookworm, he is also interested in writing Fiction and Abstracts in Bengali. He is a member of several literary circles in West Bengal and my Bengali novel “R.E.CALL” has been a bestseller. Lastly, he is an experienced chef, who is proficient in several forms of cuisine, starting from Middle Eastern cuisine to continental, from traditional Mughlai cuisine to authentic Bengali cuisine.



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