Tips to crack online Interviews

Important tips to crack online Interviews?

Tips to crack online Interviews | As we all know that the Interview Round is the critical step of your final selection in the Ph.D. course and your interview decides if you’re a good fit and have the capability, motivation, and drive to complete a Ph.D. In the interview round, you have the opportunity to show the committee who you are as an individual, what are your interests, why have you selected/choose the particular program at this place.

Here are some of the Tips to crack online Interviews:

To help IIM aspirants and also other candidates targeting top Ph.D.Institutes of India, Inkpothub has compiled and gathered a list of parameters on which a candidate is judged in the Interview round. These include:
  • The interviewer generally takes the reference to your research proposal or statement of purpose, to know about your research work and area of interest. Be prepared to answer general questions like:
    • Why did you choose a particular Research field? Which specialization? Why?
    • What are your Strengths and Weaknesses? How you are working upon them to improve?
    • What are your expectations after the Course completion?
    • Why you left your job (if any)? How was your work experience?
    • What are you doing currently? Are you ready to change the status quo?
    • Why do you want to do it?
    • How would you sustain (financially) yourself during this time?
    • Why Ph.D.? What is your motivation behind choosing a Ph.D.?
  •  Know about your potential Scholars (Insider Research) from the same Institute
    Contact the scholars and students pursuing the same program through your network or LinkedIn. This will give you an idea about the expectations of the interviewer and show that you are serious about working with them. Be prepared to answer general questions like:
    • Why do you want to work with them in particular?
    • How their expertise will be essential to your research work?
  • Familiarize yourself with current scholarships in the field
    . This is another way to demonstrate your engagement with the field and that you can think critically about the current debates. You should know how your proposed research will fit into the current scholarship and what makes it unique.
  • The interview can be directed in the way you want
    to a certain extent; you can take hold of the interview, by directing it in a particular direction. In case, you want to know, take reference from this link:???
  • Ask relevant Questions from the Interviewer
    . Prepare a list of questions to ask, so that you get well-versed with what is likely to happen at least three years from now in your life. Think wisely, ask questions that would make or break your decision to attend the particular university. 
  • Potential questions could include:
    • How your potential mentor-supervisor can help you in advancing your career?
    • What is the job placement record for the program?
    • What sort of resources does the university have? (Libraries, lab equipment, etc.)
    • What are their funding sources and scholarship offerings?
    • Will I have the opportunity to teach/present/patent/publish?
  • In the case of an online interview 
  • Check the Internet availability and choose your location carefully with a natural light source. 
  • Look at the camera when you speak to maintain “eye contact” with the interviewer.

Tips to crack online Interviews.Good luck! Prepare well for the Interview.

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