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New Found Love: Gamification | ft. Dr. Abhishek Behl

Research Story of Dr. Abhishek Behl on Gamification

Dr. Abhishek Behl on Gamification is a researcher in the area of information technology and analytics. He has earned his second Ph.D. from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay where his research is in the area of crowdfunding and gamification.

He holds rich experience in teaching, research, and consultancy. Prof. Abhishek Behl has taught subjects like Business Analytics; Marketing Analytics; Digital Marketing; Marketing Research at colleges like SCMHRD; SP Jain etc.
He has also served as a Senior Manager- Research at Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship, IIM Ahmedabad. His research is in the area of business analytics and decision sciences with a focus on gamification, stakeholder engagement, sustainability, and e-commerce start-ups.

Who is an Editor? | Dr. Abhishek Behl| Gamification
He features on the editorial board of many journals like
  •  The Journal of Global Information Management (ABDC: A);
  • Journal of Global Marketing (ABDC: B);
  • Journal of Electronic Commerce in Organization (ABDC: B).
  • He regularly reviews articles for high-impact journals like IJIM, JBR, AOR, JSR, JGIM, BIJ, etc.

Prof. Abhishek Behl has edited two books and is editing a couple of Special Issues in the journal of international repute. 
He has published Research papers in journals like
  • Annals of Operations Research; Journal of Business Research;
  • International Journal of Information Management;
  • Management Decision;
  • Information Systems and e-Business Management;
  • Benchmarking etc.
He has also won research grants from NASMEI and Emerald Publishers for research proposals in the area of information technology and its application in stakeholder engagement. He has presented his research work in reputable international forums like The World Bank; United Nations University; Decision Science Institute etc.
He was also a visiting scholar at South University of Science and Technology, China in 2018. He has been a resource person to various Management Development Programs for companies like Wipro; Godrej; Tata Motors; CEAT Tyres etc.
He is a certified trainer for Google Analytics and has offered training to more than 10 international organizations like LinkedIn; Air Liquide; Conde Nast; Bio-Rad. His area of research and teaching is along with the interface of business analytics and decision sciences for new business ventures through gamification.

The Journals in which Dr. Abhishek Behl published his papers are:

1. Associate Editor. Journal of Global Information Management. (Indexed in ABDC: A; ABS: 2; Scopus)
2. Associate Editor. Journal of Cases in Information Technology. (ABDC: C; Scopus)
3. Area Editor (South Asia)- International Journal of Emergency Services. (ABDC: C; Scopus)
4. Editorial Review Board Member. Journal of Global Marketing. (Indexed in ABDC: B; Scopus)
5. Editorial Review Board Member. Young Consumers. (Indexed in ABDC: B; Scopus)
6. Editorial Review Board Member. Journal of Promotion Management. (Indexed in ABDC: B; Scopus)
7. Editorial Review Board Member. Journal of Electronic Commerce in Organizations. (Indexed in ABDC: B; Scopus)
8. Editorial Review Board Member. Journal of Information Technology Case and Application Research. (Indexed in ABDC: C; Scopus)
9. Editorial Review Board Member. Asia Pacific Journal of Business Management (Indexed in ABDC: C; Scopus) 10. Editorial Review Board Member. Journal of Global Responsibility. (Indexed in ABDC: C; Scopus)
11. Editorial Review Board Member. Information Resources Management Journal. (Indexed in ABDC: C; Scopus)
  • Special Issue Editor International Journal of Manpower (ABDC: A)
  • Journal of Global Information Management (ABDC: A)
  • Journal of Promotion Management (ABDC: B)
  • Aslib Journal of Information Management (ABDC: B)
  • Journal of Electronic Commerce in Organization (ABDC: B)
  • International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management (ABDC: B)
  • Young Consumers (ABDC: B)
  • South Asian Journal of Business Studies (ABDC: C)
  • Information Resources Management Journal (ABDC: C)
  • The Journal of High Technology Management Research (ABDC: C)
  • Journal of Global Operations and Strategic Sourcing (ABDC: C)
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