Associate Professor IIM Indore

Associate Professor IIM Indore | ft. Prof. Manoj Motiani

In conversation with Prof. Manoj Motiani

Prof. Motiani is currently working as an Associate Professor of Marketing at IIM Indore. He has done his FPM from IIM Ahmedabad. He also won the IFCI award for the best thesis at IIM, Ahmedabad (2014). He holds a bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication from Rajasthan University and an MBA from Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar.

Associate Professor | IIM Indore

Prior to his Ph.D., he has worked in the Aditya Birla Group and Godrej. Manoj has presented his paper at the Yale-China India Insights conference, New York. He was also selected to represent IIM A at the University of Michigan as AMA Sheth Scholar in the year 2013.

He taught courses such as Marketing Management and Service Marketing at NID (Ahmedabad), IBS (Ahmedabad), and Rajagiri (Cochin) as a visiting faculty.

He has also conducted sessions in Faculty Development Programmes (FDP), Summer School, and Management Development Programmes (MDP) at IIM A. His research interests include Sales management, Service marketing, and Neuro-marketing.

When it comes to management and business, the depth of knowledge that IIM professors possess is second to none. These individuals literally have PhDs in various areas of business, and one of the biggest reasons why the IIMs are revered across the globe is because of the exceptional education that is imparted in the classrooms. It is not often that one can get access to IIM professors, which is why we at InsideIIM bring to you interviews with IIM professors who share with us fragments of their tremendous repository of business knowledge.

Prof. Manoj Motiani, Associate Professor IIM Indore shares his research journey with us. He describes how Research problems can be identified from the class discussions. He encourages his students to discuss more and more. So, that they learn new aspects from each other.


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