Academy of Indian Marketing (AIM)

AIM was conceived by two marketing scholars in two different continents. Dr. Jagdish Sheth (Atlanta, USA) and Prof. Neelemegham (India). With Dr. Sheth and Prof. Neelamegham at the helm, deans and directors of India’s top-rated business schools/ institutions were convinced that a common platform was a boon to nurture the research activities in the Marketing domain, leading to the formation of AIM.

Every year the Academy of Indian Marketing (AIM) announces a call for research proposals with a focus on India. The proposals are single- or multiple-authored. The AIM especially welcomes proposals that are co-authored by teams of international scholars.

The proposals must be: interesting, relevant, up-to-date, easy to read, well-written and structured, theoretical background and methodology are solid, addresses a new and relevant area of a business problem, and has the potential to create several future research avenues.

The 2020 AIM – Sheth Grant 2020 Winners are announced.

LET’S CONGRATULATE the winners in the three categories: Consumer Behaviour, Marketing Strategies, and Marketing Analytics

2020 Consumer Behavior
  • Priya Narayanan | Social Distance and Physical Distancing: Impact of Perceived Discrepancy in Distance on Adoption of Social Health Measures
  • Dr. Shveta Kalra, Prof. Kavita Sharma, and Emmanuel Elioth Lulandala | Mobile Health Apps for sustainable health management
2020 Marketing Strategy
  • Isha Sharma, Kokil Jain, Abhishek Behl, and M S Balaji | Charting the course for inclusive services: Perspectives from the differently-abled consumers
  • Dhrithi Mahadevan | Blows for You and Bows for You: An Analysis of Customer Experience Attribution in Access-Based Services
2020 Marketing Analytics
  • Tripti Mahara and Lakshmi Shankar Iyer | Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis to determine the online purchase behavior towards wooden toys in India
  • Anuj Kapoor and Salil Khetani | Interplay between humor and credibility of online influencers and its impact on user engagement and willingness to purchase

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