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A term paper is a research paper submitted by a student for a course when a course term ends. It’s done during the coursework which helps students to learn that how to write papers. The students also learn the writing and reading process. It is written in an individual capacity as a course submission. The term papers are generally raw research papers that need improvement to get published.

A term paper is ‘any type of research-intensive paper authored by students over an academic term. This paper typically accounts for a large part of their final course grade.’

What are the steps in writing a term paper?

Term paper structure comprises quite a few sections. Let’s review them in detail:

  • Cover or title page: The structure of a cover page will depend on the type of formatting. However, be it an APA, MLA, or any other format, it certainly will include a title, your name, course name, tutor name, and the date written in the mid of the page. If a subtitle is required, it has to be put directly under the main title.

  • Acknowledgment

Topic: State your topic or describe your subject

Rationale: Explain why you chose to research this topic

Additional Information: Add any other relevant introductory information

  • Table of contents: It is a plan of your paper, which includes headings and subheadings of each section with their respective page numbers.
  • Summary: Brief conclusion of the research methods you used, and your main arguments.

An introduction part:

           The background study of your research and the literature review.

             The general statement of the research question and the main purpose of your work.

             The Methodology used and the data obtained. The number of techniques and procedures for each sphere of investigation

             The thesis statement, which is the last and the most significant sentence of the Introduction part.

  • Body: This is the major part of the term-paper structure, which includes many points for consideration.
  •  Literature review: This section contains the overview of the subject, problem, or theory in question. Also, you have to explain how each work has contributed to the area of research and what similarities and differences it has as compared to other studies.
  •  Results: It is better to put them on tables or graphs and give a fuller explanation in the appendix as well.
  •  Findings & Conclusion: This part gives a summary and evaluation of the whole work and states how the work can benefit further investigations.
  •  Recommendations/Limitations: This gives the scope of improvement required while working on the same or similar research paper.
  • Reference list. Arrange the sources cited in alphabetical order.

What are general term- paper writing guidelines?

The following term paper guidelines provide directions on how to complete a respective assignment excellently.

  • Set a research timeframe.
  • Make the general writing style precise and objective.
  • Do Research properly on the topic you choose.
  • Avoid plagiarism. References are essential for any academic writing since they help to back up your statements and opinions.
  • Always define unfamiliar phrases or conclusions
  • Add notes. Though notes are rarely used now, they are preferred when additional content has to be provided.
  • Add appendices. Depending on the subject, appendices can comprise various maps, charts, graphs, statistics, surveys, and so on.
  • You can get help/ mentoring further from our Mentors.

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