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In conversation with Dr. Aviral Kumar Tiwari:

He is an applied economist with broad theoretical and empirical interests in emerging economies in Asia. His research tends to cross the boundaries of narrowly defined fields as he constantly looks for promising ideas from several perspectives.

The majority of his work contributes to the areas of energy economics, environmental economics, international trade, and international economics, commodity markets, resources market, tourism, FDI, institutional quality, governance, and many more.

He applies a variety of time-series and panel data approaches, both linear and nonlinear, to validate economic theoretical approaches.

He has published several research articles in Scopus indexed international journal of repute (including Financial Time 45 list) such as Tourism Management, Journal of Business Ethics, Annals of Tourism Research, Energy Economics, Energy Policy, Resources Policy, Annals of Operations Research, Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics, Economic Modeling, Applied Economics, Economics Letters, Applied Economics Letter, Finance Research Letters, The World Economy, Applied Energy, Journal of Cleaner Production, IRFA, IRFE, Tourism Economics, Current Issues in Tourism, Tourism Recreation Research, etc.

He has written several articles in Indian top Journals such as Indian Economics Review, Indian Economic Journal, Indian Journal of Economics, Journal of Quantitative Economics, and many more.

He is also actively engaged as Editors (and Guest Editors) at different positions at several international journals (indexed in Scopus and ranked by ABDC) published by Wiley, Elsevier, Emerald, Sage, Springer.

Website of Dr. Aviral Kumar Tiwari :


Aviral Kumar Tiwari Website
Dr. Aviral Kumar Tiwari Website

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