In conversation with Professor Neharika Vohra

Research Journey of Prof. Neharika Vohra | Challenges and Learnings | #HEResearch


In conversation with Prof. Neharika Vohra:

Prof. Neharika Vohra is a psychologist who teaches organizational behavior at IIM Ahmedabad as a full-time faculty. Her research interests are in the area of leadership, gender, governance, cross-cultural behavior, and educational administration.

She has guided several doctoral students. She has several papers in international and national journals. She is currently on the editorial board of four national and international journals.

She has been involved in the competency-building of leaders across organizations. She is currently on the board of four companies, two non-profits, and one school and has served on the board of IIMA, IRMA, and TISS. She currently serves on the academic board of XIMB.

  1. Let’s start with your new role. Hearty congratulations! You have joined the skill and entrepreneurship university as vice-chancellor. You have been a hard-core researcher and a professor. At one point in time, you were the chairperson of the center for innovation, incubation, and entrepreneurship. I see a lot of synergies in all these roles here. However, this has been a big shift in your life

Tell us about: how it is impacting your life? what is your vision for this university? How are you managing teething-troubles while setting up the university?

  1. It’s close to 3 decades of research work, 100+ articles, 4000+ citations as of today, you have been among the best teachers.

I am sure this journey must have been full of successes and sorrows. I wish to know where it had started i.e. University of Manitoba. Have you reached where you have always wished to reach?

  1. Which one paper is close to your heart and why?
  2. Inkpothub is celebrating ‘Women in Research’ in the month of March. You being a highly inspiring superwoman in research…What would be your one key suggestion to the young women researchers?
  3. Some light bites (a rapid-fire) (if at all you are fine to do that)

–       Which is your ‘must-have snack/ drink’ while working on research?

–       Which one you are close to: gardening or baking?

–       Where does your peace lie: mountains or sea?

–        If you have some amount to donate: which cause would you choose?

–       What’s your favorite quote?

Prof. Neharika Vohra YouTube Video

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