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In conversation with Prof. Tanvi Gupta | IIMUdaipur

Prof. Tanvi Gupta | IIMUdaipur is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at the Indian Institute of Management Udaipur (IIMU), India. Her academic research focuses on brand language and culture—and her research has been published in the Journal of Consumer Research—one of the top marketing journals in the world.

Prof. Tanvi Gupta | IIMUdaipur co-leads the Consumer Culture Lab at IIM Udaipur, a platform to foster research on consumer culture in India. Before doing a Ph.D. in consumer psychology from IIM Bangalore, Tanvi has worked as a marketing research professional with Kantar.

During her stint in the MR industry, she has worked on semiotics, brand tracking, and advertising research—integrating both quantitative and qualitative methods. Tanvi also holds a communications master’s from MICA, India with the director’s award for academic excellence.

Prof. Tanvi Gupta | IIMUdaipur also has a flair for creativity and aesthetic sense. Being a trained graphics designer, her passion for visual aesthetics and culture drives her interest in visual semiotics and brand language.

The paper has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Consumer Research (JCR). It’s A*. It’s FT 50. First of all, tell me the feeling.

What was your first response when you received the acceptance email? Tell us about this paper, its journey? How you came up with the idea to write about this paper?

The Interview includes the following questions at the given timings:

01:15      1. Let’s start with your latest Achievement. Hearty congratulations! You have recently co-authored a paper on “Safe Together, Vulnerable Apart: How Interstitial Space in Text Logos Impact Brand Attitudes in Tight versus Loose Cultures”.

07:16      2. Now coming to your journey. Why did you decide, what inclined you towards this career? Did your prior work experience help in your research journey?

10:18      3. We only get to see the outcomes. Like A*, citations, awards, etc. But we hardly get to see the background stories. Those long nights, rejection emails. What are your stories? How did you handle all these?

14:27      4. Is the research career for men and women are different? Especially early-stage researchers like you. Would you like to speak about motherhood here?

19:58       5. We need role models in research too. What’s your #HEResearch piece of advice to young women researchers in India?

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