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Fortune Institute of International Business (FIIB), is going to organize the second edition of Research Clinic & Doctoral Consortium (RCDC). With an aim to extend support to the budding scholars, RCDC is a unique initiative from the Doctoral Programme Office at Fortune Institute of International Business (FIIB) that provides an opportunity to budding doctoral scholars from across the globe to present their research proposals and receive constructive feedback from experts of global repute.

About FIIB’s Research Program

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Objectives of Research Clinic & Doctoral Consortium

  • To identify and encourage interesting and relevant research topics/themes contribution by doctoral scholars across the management discipline.
  • To enable scholars to engage with leading editors, academicians, and practitioners from institutions in India and abroad in a focused manner to gain developmental inputs and discuss pain points.
  • To facilitate a platform to early scholars for showcasing their research proposals and receive critical feedback and gain clarity for their research.
  • To facilitate collaborative work amongst researchers from different institutions

This workshop is an active exchange of dialogue among young minds and senior academics. A common objective is to strengthen scholars’ involvement with the academic community and to help them in identifying their ways in academia.


Marketing Management

Finance, Accounting, and Economics

Operations Management and Supply Chain

Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management

Strategic Management


The Research Clinic and Doctoral colloquium (RCDC) is open to all candidates in the management discipline, including future Ph.D. aspirants and scholars who have even obtained their Ph.D. degrees.


Scholars are invited first to submit their research proposals. A faculty committee would review the research proposals. The colloquium aims to guide budding scholars; therefore, authors of the proposals selected for presentation would be encouraged to improve their work. The revised proposals would then be adjusted on the basis of:

  1. clarity of research questions, objectives and relevance,
  2. critical thinking skills
  3. communication skills
  4. subject knowledge and research skills

Finally, selected research proposals in each discipline will be considered for best research proposal awards.

Submission Guidelines

  1. The full research proposal should be sent to the following email address:
  2. Please name     your     submission      document      (only    in    pdf    format)     as Track_Submission_Name e.g. Marketing
  3. One research proposal should be submitted only to one track.
Research Clinic and Doctoral Consortium
Research Clinic and Doctoral Consortium

Research Proposal formatting

Follow Proposal format (at the end of the brochure)

  • No more than 3000 words (including references, figures, and tables)
  • Follow APA 6th Edition style referencing
  • Number all pages
  • All author details including affiliations and contact details must be clearly mentioned in the body of the email.

The ‘Subject Line’ of the email, for the submission of the extended abstract, must clearly mention the track and reference number.

N.B. The submitted research proposals will not be submitted to any repository.

Submission Deadline

By 28th July 2021 at 11:59 PM you will need to submit the research proposal.


The proposal presentation will be graded based on the following criteria:

Significance of contribution

Structure of paper Writing quality

Appropriateness of the approach Clarity of drawings, graphs, and tables Appropriateness of abstract

Quality of discussion of potential outcomes Adequacy of references and discussion of prior work


Selected research proposals will be invited for presentation on (Saturday, 7th August 2021). The allotted time is 8 minutes, followed by 7 minutes of Q/A (Total = 15 min). Time constraints will be enforced.

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