Top 10 management conferences in India

Management conferences in India (Top 10)

Inkpothub has collected the top popular management conferences for you in this article. This will help you to select the management conference in which you can apply and present and discuss your research work to the various research scholars.

1. Indian Academy of Management hosted by IIMA:

INDAM aims to provide access to a strong and active community of scholars in India who can meet on a regular basis in research conferences in India to share their interests, ideas, and findings. It provides a link with other professional bodies based not only in India but globally and creates an active interface between scholars and practitioners of management.

The Academy also conducts research and professional workshops for early career researchers, such as doctoral students and new faculty, to help them grow their research and publication skills.

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2. PAN IIM Conference hosted by IIMK: 

The impact of business and development on our planet and society has assumed center stage, especially since the turn of the new millennium. Political leaders, policymakers, business leaders, academics, researchers, and other thought leaders from various walks of society have sought to grapple with the sustainability agenda, in multiple forums. 

Accordingly, this conference seeks to debate and reflect on responsible business and sustainability-related imperatives that can be grounded in wholesome lessons from our past and traditions.

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3. CERE hosted by IIM Indore:

CERE aims to bring together academicians, practitioners, research scholars, students of management, and policymakers from different domains and promote interdisciplinary academic and policy research. 

Conference tracks:

  • Business economics and finance
  • Business policy and strategic management
  • Communication in business and research
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Information systems in management
  • Marketing management
  • Operations management and quantitative techniques
  • Organizational behavior and human resource management

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4. IMRDC hosted by IIM B :

The IMR Doctoral Students Conference aims to bring together, every year, doctoral students affiliated to institutions across India and from international schools for an event of paper presentations, discussions with senior academics and researchers from industry, and publication-oriented development.

The objectives of the IMRDC are:

  • to identify and encourage interesting and important research by doctoral students in Management across areas including Decision Sciences and Information Systems, Economics and Social Sciences, Finance and  Accounting, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Organizational Behavior and Human Resources Management, Production, and Operations Management, Public Policy, and Strategy.
  • to enable the authors of the identified papers to engage with leading academicians from institutions in India and abroad in a focussed manner and to gain developmental inputs for their research
  • to facilitate collaborative work amongst researchers from different institutions
  • to provide a platform of exchange between doctoral students, leading academicians and researchers from industry to identify new applications and avenues of research
  • to provide a publication outlet for promising research by inviting authors of the best papers to submit their work to IMR

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5. Indian Finance Conference hosted by IIMC:

The India Finance Conference 2021 (IFC 2021), is jointly organized by the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta (IIMC), the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB), and the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA). Academics, researchers, doctoral students, and practitioners are invited and encouraged to submit research papers in all areas of finance.


  • Theoretical and empirical asset pricing
  • Corporate finance, capital structure, and dividend policy
  • Asset allocation and investment management
  • Financial crises, systemic risk, and macro-finance
  • Quality of financial reporting and adoption of IFRS
  • Corporate governance, executive compensation, and ownership structure
  • Computational finance and financial econometrics
  • Financial risk analytics and management
  • Market microstructure and algorithmic trading
  • Financial policy choice, institutions, and regulation
  • Financial literacy and financial education
  • Financial Analytics
  • Insurance / Reinsurance / Pension Funds
  • Enhancing liquidity in commodity derivatives markets

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6. Biennial Entrepreneurship Conference hosted by EDI Ahmedabad:

EDII’s Center for Research in Entrepreneurship Education and Development (CREED) has been organizing the Biennial Conference on Entrepreneurship for the past 24 years to explore the different facets of entrepreneurship and to provide a platform to Scholars from across the nation and the world to share their findings. 

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7. Annual International Conference on Public Policy & Management hosted by IIM B:

The CPP is an independent, public interest-oriented think-tank engaged in research, teaching, training, and capacity building. It influences policy disclosure, improves governance through rigorous research. It is a vibrant academic ambiance for scholarly engagement.

    Key activities:

  • Promote critical research in public policy
  • Function as the knowledge management center
  • Provide a platform for discourses and critical debates
  • Support capacity building in public policy

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8. Summer School management conference hosted by IIM Calcutta:

The Financial Research and Trading Laboratory (FRTL, Finance Lab) of IIM Calcutta is working on scholarly research papers from prestigious journals in Accounting, Finance, and Governance fields.

These papers are carefully chosen by experts and contain the following two features:

  • talk about interesting research problems and focus on strong methodology
  • replicable empirical findings.

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9. Grants for Academy of Indian Marketing:

AIM has successfully hosted/supported various conferences and doctoral consortiums and is committed to its vision and mission of promoting research in the area of marketing and promoting marketing as a discipline with active support from academia and industry.


  • To foster academic research unique to emerging markets.
  • To become a catalyst between academics and practitioners in creating and disseminating marketing perspectives and empirical research unique to emerging markets.
  • To make marketing a positive societal force in emerging markets through nonprofit organizations (NGOs) and Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs).
  • To encourage students and academic scholars from diverse disciplines to focus on innovative marketing solutions unique to emerging markets.

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10. JIMC (Jaipuria Institute management conference)

The objective of this conference is to facilitate the researchers in their research endeavors. We have tied up with academicians who are on the review panel of top-tier journals (featured in ABDC list).

The conference committee encourages academicians, research scholars, postgraduate students to present their research proposal, literature review, findings, and issues at this conference with a very special registration fee. Case studies, abstracts of research in progress, as well as full research papers, will be considered for presentation purposes.

Listeners and keen learners are also welcomed in a specific category to attend the conference. Also, high-quality research contributions describing original and unpublished results of conceptual, constructive, empirical, or theoretical work in all areas of management and social sciences are cordially invited for presentation at the conference.

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