Inkpothub recommendation for Scholars

You received your  Ph.D. selection letter. It is certainly the moment of happiness and realization of your dream.

The joining date is nearing and you wish to prepare yourself to relocate to your institute. Out of curiosity and excitement, you wish to start packing and list down your requirements.

When you are on campus you struggle to find out basic utility items for daily requirements.

You need stationery: pens, calendars, sticky notes, whiteboard, etc.

You need electronics: a laptop, printer, scanner, tablet, speakers, power station, etc.

You need handy kitchenware products: a kettle, induction plate, electric cooker, etc.

You need to be ready for online classes and hence, need products like a ring light, earphones, web camera, etc.

You are joining classes in the physical mode so need productions like hand sanitizer, masks, face shield, wipes, disinfectant, etc.

We are coming up with a variety of kit recommendations for different states and events.

Here are our recommendations. Feel free to suggest to us your favorite products as well in the comment box.

Distance Learning Equipment Kit


Scholars Electronics Kit- Inkpothub recommendations

Scholars Kitchenware Kit – Inkpothub Recommendation

Scholars stationery kit- Inkpothub recommendations


Scholars daily essentials kit – Inkpothub recommendations



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