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Scholars daily essentials kit – Inkpothub recommendations

As the campuses are opening up due to falling in cases of Covid, this month October 2021. Inkpothub has decided to help you with all the necessities which you can keep while packing your bags. So, that you do not need to go in and out from your hostel campus to bring these necessities from outside campus.
As prevention is the best cure. In the same way, stocking is the best strategy. (only applied to these situations and hostel packing). Just be sure, that you have all these items with you in your bag before you write the complete list.

These are the 10 items (Essentials kit) as listed down below:

  1. Scrubbing Brush
  2. Washing Powder
  3. Mesh Laundry Bag
  4. Sandals / Thongs / Flip-Flops / Slippers / Feet Thingies
  5. Shawl
  6. Handwash, Hand sanitizer & Hand soap
  7. Travel Shoes
  8. Microfibre Towel
  9. Hostel Clothes Packing List
  10. First Aid Kit
  11. Mosquito repellant kit & Net & Spray


Scrubbing Brush – daily essentials kit

The scrubbing brush is of different types. They are required for washing clothes, utensils, teeth, floor seats, etc. Being a hostel you would need to have this all separate for yourself to maintain the hygiene and save some money.

Maintaining proper hygiene will not only keep you healthy but also fresh and to read and write more. You will enjoy living in the hostel like your own home.

Washing Powder – daily essentials kit

You need washing powder for your regular washing be it clothes or utensils. Keep all this handy with you, so that you do not end up wasting time and money in the local area around the campus and look cringy while finding all this stuff around the campus tuck shop.

Keep a stock with you ready as you already know, you will need them all. This will keep you fresh and healthy all the time.

Laundry Bag and Bucket – daily essentials kit

The laundry bag provides a protective layer to the items placed within it. All the clothes are placed in the mesh protected with a thin net around it in the washing machine. You will not need to find them around on the campus while looking, where your clothes went and it will keep them safe.

The laundry basket can be used to store the clothes which are heavy. Obviously, if they are large in size, they cannot be kept inside the bag. You need a heavy storage system to store them.

Sandals / Thongs / Flip-Flops / Slippers / Feet Thingies –

daily essentials kit

Sandals or thongs are backpacking essential at the best of times. Accessible shoes, easy to put on, and great in the hotter climates. They’re also excellent to pack for hostels.

Taking your shoe on and off is a pain but also there are many hostels with rank surfaces that you may not want to step on. There are also hostels where people will look at you funny if you walk around without shoes on. But who cares about the smiling face over the own comfort.

Shawl/ Mufflers/ Hand scarfs – daily essentials kit

They have all the uses of a towel but look way cooler if you wrap them around your head like a hood! I have so many hostel packing tips for shawls:

  • Hang it over your dorm bed to make a privacy curtain.
  • Wrap your dirty clothes in it like a bag when you go to do the washing.
  • Share it with others for sharing.
  • Extra blanket.
  • A pillow.
  • A picnic blanket.
  • An excellent tool for rolling a joint over.
  • If the hostel has a dog, tie the shawl around its neck so it can be Super-Dog.
  • Bag some stuff in it and tie it on the end of a stick so you look like an actual hobo. Go and find your own shawl in your adventure.


Handwash, Hand sanitizer & Hand soap – daily essentials kit

Maintaining hygiene is very important as ya safety measure for corona. Still, there might be chances of infectious contamination, if you do not wash and sanitize your hands, while you touch any foreign substance.

Sprays, sanitizers, handwashes, and all the other things can be kept in the kit and taken along in the hostel and college bag.

Travel Shoes – daily essentials kit

The shoes are a must for comfort, while you need to walk daily from the hostel room to attend college classes, evening and morning walk.

Also, some are adventure-loving. If you are the one, then you can go for it with shoes on your feet. These shoes are just recommendations keeping the budget of the students in mind. Definitely, you select according to your comfort.

Hand-Towel & Bath-Towel – daily essentials kit

Always pack a towel. A towel is the most massively useful thing. Do hostels provide towels? Well, sorta sometimes maybe?

Regardless, towels must never escape your hostel packing list! They’re so damn small, dry so damn quick, and the infinite uses for a towel in our daily life are overwhelming.

Hostel Clothes Packing List – daily essentials kit

We know you already have decided in these 2 years after being at home. What you will wear outside. But, we have also collected a list specially for you. So, that your shopping becomes easy.

All the items are kept in a row such that shopping becomes easy for you. These comfy track pants are must to have for roaming here and there and being attentive while doing your work.

First Aid Kit – daily essentials kit

The first aid kit will prove to be a boon for you in most of the cases as you will have all the items near your bag. All the medications must be included in the kit. So, that you do not miss on any mandatory item.

Mosquito Net/ Mosquito repellants – daily essentials kit

Yes, yes, thousand times yes. It’s not a necessary thing for travel in all climates.Generally, hostels are near the fields and outside areas in climates that require a mosquito net. That’s where adding a mosquito net to your hostel packing list comes in handy.

Now, enjoy your packing. We will come out with a new packing list super soon.

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