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Careers after PhD | What to do after Ph.D.?

I often get this question: 

What kind of careers one can pursue after Ph.D.?


What do people do after their Ph.D.? 


I often give a philosophical answer: Do what you like to do? Many would just shrug my response. 

Honestly speaking, I tell people based on my experiences and life.

In 2015, I completed my Ph.D. in Entrepreneurship from IIM Indore


I taught as full-time and visiting faculty at a couple of institutes, did a little bit of research, presented my research papers in renowned conferences like the Academy of Management, and then one day I quit academia to follow my heart to find the purpose or meaning of my life.


I started two ventures (Inkpothub and Drive On My Own) to satiate my innate desire to create something meaningful. The ventures have their own purpose and are governed by passion. 


I am still teaching, doing a little bit of research with friends, enjoying pep talks on different occasions, pursuing my entrepreneurial career, creating content through two YouTube channels. 


When people ask me what I do for a living, I used to get confused. What should I call myself? 


I have been doing multiple things to make a difference. (My Careers after PhD)

  • A professor
  • A researcher
  • An entrepreneur/ social entrepreneur
  • A trainer
  • A YouTuber

I wasn’t sure what to tell people until I read these three books

  1. Jeff Goins’s The Art of Work 
  2. David Corbett’s Portfolio Life: The new path to work, purpose, and passion after 50
  3. Gracia and Miralles’s Ikigai



I am living the portfolio life to seek happiness and purpose. 


That’s about me. 


Going back to the question I often receive and in the capacity of the founder of Inkpothub, I would love to answer now.


  1. You can teach along with writing some good stuff

This is the obvious career choice. 98% scholars after their Ph.D.  land up in academia and teach along with research and administrative responsibilities. They teach, write papers, cases & books, engage in consultancy work for the corporates & government, train managers through various management development programs, and do institution-building activities as an integral role.


I have interacted with many professors through Inkpothub who are primarily teach and they are great researchers, book and case-writers, and administrators.


Prof. Shaphali Gupta is a Ph.D. from IIT Bombay, currently working as a professor of marketing at MICA. She is a star researcher and co-chairing the Ph.D. program at MICA. 

Prof. Shaphali Gupta | MICA Ahmedabad |


Prof. Nishant Uppal is a Ph.D. from IIM Indore and currently working as an Associate Professor of OB at IIM Lucknow. He has written quite a few popular books and he is also publishing in good journals. 



I recently interacted with Prof. Neena Sondhi. She is an award-winning case writer, a profound administrator, and a professor of marketing at IMI Delhi.

Prof. Neena Sondhi | IMI New Delhi


2. You can advance your Ph.D. research through post-doctorate options.

I have also observed that very few Ph.D. scholars opt for post-doctorate positions within three years of their Ph.D. to continue their research. They joined post-doc positions in international universities, published, got international exposure and peer group. 

My interaction with Dr. Amit Jain and Prof. Pradeep Hota had been around their post-doctorate experience. 

All about Post-doctoral research | ft. Prof. Amit Jain

Just remain consistent and committed, you will get results ultimately | Prof. Pradeep Hota | Australian National University


3. You can go for your second Ph.D. if not post-doctorate.

I know this is quite different and an off-beat decision, but I have seen a few scholars from good Indian institutes IIM Bangalore and EDI Ahmedabad going for their second Ph.D. from foreign universities. They wanted to get better exposure in terms of international research culture and jobs in the international market. Dr. Anish Menon and Dr. Raj Shankar shared the reasons behind their choices. 

Also, check out the work of Dr. Abhishek Behl. Do watch the video.

Anish Menon PhD | Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

Dr. Raj Shankar | Nord University | I&E

New Found Love: Gamification | ft. Dr. Abhishek Behl

Research is like cricket | Dr. Abhishek Behl | Dual Ph.D. in Management


4. You can start your consultancy firm full-time and teach/ write books and popular articles

Dr. Pavan Soni wrote a very interesting book on Design Thinking based on his corporate consulting experience. He completed his Ph.D. from IIM Bangalore in Strategy Area. His Ph.D. led to Inflexion Point (his consultancy firm) and which led him to write his first book. 

Design Your Thinking | ft. Dr. Pavan Soni | FPM IIM Bangalore


5. You can start an entrepreneurship journey along with a full-time professorship.

I have some interesting observations in recent times. Institutes like IITs and Thapar University have Faculty-led enterprises. Faculties’ research if revolves around innovation and technology, then they work towards commercialization of the viable solutions.  

6. You can follow your heart and start your independent journey to follow your passion.

Like I did. I created a path for myself that is less traveled, and it had made all the difference. I created Inkpothub and Drive On My Own.

Inkpothub is India’s first digital platform that celebrates and enriches a researcher’s journey. 

I founded ‘Drive On My Own’- a social enterprise for people with reduced mobility. It is a social enterprise that works for people with reduced by making a car driving and owning experience seamless. Drive On My Own reflects me and my journey towards freedom and independence.


I live a portfolio life. I enjoy the process and learning through brand-new adventures every day.


With gratitude


I founded Inkpothub and I write about career choices.  (Careers after PhD)

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