Distance Learning Equipment Kit

Distance Learning Equipment Kit

Distance Learning Equipment, Virtual learning and digital classroom equipment for teaching online have allowed schools and colleges to continue educating students without disrupting the exchange of knowledge between the tutor and the student. The Indian education system has responded well to this unimaginable situation.

As the saying goes, “necessity is the mother of invention”, educational institutes have started implementing technology-based solutions and using online teaching tools to develop the capacity for online education.

Before implementing the technology, attention must be paid to help students and teachers adopt these technologies to the best effect. A flexible solution that supports the different teaching activities required for different subjects and student groups has to be put in place.

One of the other challenges is to get the right set of products to create a seamless teaching and learning experience for the teachers and students respectively. Educational institutes have to make arrangements to procure the appropriate online teaching tools for students and teachers.

Let us talk about some of the necessary online teaching tools to make this virtual learning experience smoother for both the students and the teachers.

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Online Whiteboards, Tablet, and Digital Writing Pad

The teaching on whiteboards is a long-followed process in India and abroad as well. While in the online classes, students and teachers might be missing this process. So, you need not worry now. You can use the online whiteboards for your teaching purpose.

You can write on them and collaborate with your students and professors. You can do virtual meetings using these online whiteboards. The online whiteboards come with pre-arranged data,  chart tools, graphs, posters, diagrams, etc.

You can access the online whiteboard on any device, whether it is a tablet or an iPad. However, when you use a laptop, it should be a touch screen, and if not, then any configurable digital writing pad can come in handy, such as XP Pen Digital Drawing Tablets and Stylus.


Webcam and Headphones

Most of the Laptops have built-in webcams and speakers, so they do not require any 3rd party devices. But if you use PCs that don’t have a built-in webcam, then you need the one. Also, you can use these webcams for external clarity.

If you want to have a higher quality picture, you can have this newer technology. The voice quality can also be improved through high-quality earphones and headphones. Using these webcams and speakers can give you extra clarity.


Annotation Tools

Annotation Tools allow you and your students to read, write, edit and erase anything from the whiteboards. You can type, edit, add pictures to the content. The great content often requires many iterations in general. One such tool is a stylus.



Laptops are among those online teaching tools that give students and teachers good speed and high performance to further enhance their learning and teaching experience. Teachers need to conduct video conferencing with students for long hours. They have to maintain records related to student performance and attendance, deliver and check assignments, conduct online exams, prepare and deliver reports to the school admin and communicate with their peers. Students have to attend classes online, stay connected with their classmates and teachers, and work on assignments.


With technological advancements, tablets have started offering a lot of value in performing tasks when learning online. Their compact size and good performance make it one of the effective online teaching tools. Students find tablets very comfortable to use, so they treat them like books. They are also much more affordable than laptops.

Be it video conferencing for online classes, working on spreadsheets and documents for assignments, or presentations in the form of slideshows, tablets have slowly occupied the space of an essential online learning and online teaching tool for both students and teachers.


Routers and Modems

Routers and modems play an important role in connecting individuals to the internet. When learning has taken the online path, it is essential to have an uninterrupted internet connection for seamless learning and teaching experience. This is where routers and modems have become vital equipment for teaching online.


For a smooth e-learning experience from the comfort of one’s home, it is necessary to ensure that there is no disturbance by the activities at home, nor are the online classes a disturbance to the family. To this effect, headphones with a mic play an important role. Students and teachers can interact clearly with each other using headsets.


In a scenario where teaching has gone virtual using online teaching tools, printing newsletters, textbooks, workbooks, yearbooks, and even 3D printing for arts and crafts becomes essential. Hence, buying a printer that meets all these requirements makes sense.

Creating the Ideal Classroom Setup – Distance Learning Equipment Kit

Irrespective of being a student or a teacher, online education (Distance Learning Equipment Kit) can have an impact only when it is done systematically, lending a professional touch to the entire experience. Apart from procuring online teaching tools and other necessary accessories, it is also vital to have a good learning and teaching atmosphere at home.

Study Table

Study Chair

Books rack or shelf organiser

Aesthetic lamp

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E-Learning renders possibilities for every student; especially those students who live in distant places or regularly move can also take advantage of technology and remote learning awfully. Hence, the teachers improve their teaching techniques and find a new tool to linger on top of everything.

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