FIIB New Delhi Research Involvement | 2021 onwards

For over a quarter of a century, FIIB has been a provider of quality business education. Counted among India’s top 50 management colleges, it is a management institute par excellence and is among the top 10 PGDM colleges in the Delhi NCR region.

FIIB is a close-knit community of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and business partners – a community proud of the mission, vision, and values we share.  It aims to provide future business leaders with the skills, knowledge, and personal qualities needed to meet the business and social challenges facing the 21st-century world.

FIIB is committed to research, hence, it is conducting conferences, seminars, webinars, events every month to create a robust research ecosystem within the institute.

S.No. Month Date Activity Mode Link/Note
1 June/July 27th June 2021


18th July 2021

Workshop on “Introduction to Econometric Modelling by Prof. Manish Sinha, SCMHRD” Virtual The workshop was meant to introduce the scholars to the concept of economic of economic modelling and its usage in their research.
2 June/July 26th June 2021 and 10th July 2021 Workshop on Action Research by Prof Vikas Rai Bhatnagar Virtual Kurt Lewin defines Action Research as “systematic enquiry for all participants in the. quest for greater effectiveness through democratic participation”. This workshop was meant to provide researchers an insight into the integration of action research in management
3 July/August 4th July and 1st August 2021 Workshop on Qualitative Data Analysis by Prof Kokil Jain Virtual This workshop aimed to provide scholars with the knowledge of various approaches in qualitative methods and the tools available.
4 August 7th August 2021 2nd Research Clinic and Doctoral Consortium Virtual
5 September 11th-12th September 2021 Parichay- Two Day Doctoral Orientation Ceremony, Batch 2021 Virtual FIIB welcomed its 2nd batch of Doctoral Scholars with a two day orientation ceremony where they met academics from far and wide and listened to their experience as they were initiated into their doctoral journey
6 September 18th September 2021 Session on “Philosophy of Management Research by Prof Dr. Satyanarayana Parayitam, Professor University of Massachusetts Virtual Philosophy is the basis of all knowledge. It means ‘love for wisdom’. Scholars were introduced to the various approaches in philosophy and its linkages with management research
7 October 9th October 2021 Workshop on “Developing Research Projects and White Paper” by Prof. Abhishek Tandon, Dean (Research), AICTE Virtual In this workshop, Dr Abhishek Tandon talked about the importance of white papers and the various avenues available to scholars to do research projects with AICTE
8 October 22-23rd October 2021 FIIB Educational Leaders Conference 2021 on “Exploring Higher Education in a Pre-Post Pandemic World: A Multi-Stakeholder Perspective” Virtual

Please explore the FPM and EFPM programmer at FIIB and listen to ‘Walk the Talk’ chat with Ms. Radhika Srivastava, MD, FIIB New Delhi, and Dr. Anita Sharma, Founder: Inkpothub.


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