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Prof. Nirmalya Kumar Research journey

“My life revolves around a very simple philosophy of constantly learning, being curious, and constantly striving to become a better version of myself. When I do so and give my best every day, then nobody needs to ask more of me and I for sure never ask anything less of myself. This combined with my irreverence towards authority gives me my edge”, says Professor Nirmalya Kumar as he describes his life philosophy to Inkpothub.

About Professor Nirmalya Kumar

Professor Nirmalya Kumar’s life journey is a story of passion, diligence, and hard work. The inspiration he has drawn is not just restricted to researchers and scholars around the world, he has influenced people, companies, and strategies across industries, levels, and geographies. He is an idol for anyone pursuing a research career.
An opportunity to interview this academic celebrity had all of us at Inkpothub, bursting at our seams with a never-ending list of questions that we and our viewers would like to ask him. After extensive deliberation, we finally arrived at shortlisting of the ones that would give us insights into his research career, his teaching experience, his publications, and his passion – Modern Indian Art.

Main points of discussion with Prof. Nirmalya Kumar—

-It’s more than 30 years of work, a huge contribution to the literature, and many more achievements. 
Would love to hear about your journey from India to America; from Calcutta University to SMU Singapore. 
– You are an ardent art lover. Your website and Instagram page are full of beautiful art photos. 
You promote Modern Art. 
How did passion for art evolve? Please share about it. 
– An art lover, a researcher, and a writer, and a teacher.
How are these roles complementing each other?
Do you experience an overlap? Is it helpful?
-If you look back and reflect. How would you be able to define your life journey in one statement? 

Prof. Nirmalya Kumar’s video highlights

“I came from a middle-class family. Traveling and studying abroad was not in the scheme of life chances that we could expect”, recounts Prof. Nirmalya Kumar.
In this tête-à-tête with Inkpothub Prof. Nirmalya Kumar talks about his incredible journey from India to America, from his undergrad degrees in India and abroad to his Ph.D. from the USA-led him to achieve the American Dream, when he was not even aspiring for it.
This is an account of his journey as a research scholar and professor, who is now on the board of directors of multiple companies and is consulting for numerous organizations. Each of his published works in itself is considered a force to be reckoned with.
Witness him walk you through his inclination towards Jamini Roy vs other art forms and schools of art. A connoisseur of art, a researcher, a teacher, and a writer, Professor Nirmalya Kumar successfully amalgamates all his selves into one. He lends the attributes of oneself to the other to enhance and get better at everything he does.
We are so honored to have known you more through your website, TEDx video, and Instagram page. You are very inspiring.

Prof. Nirmalya Kumar has authored 7 books :

1. Thinking Smart
2. Brand Breakout
3. India Inside
4. India’s Global Powerhouses
5. Value Merchants
6. Private Label Strategy
7. Marketing as Strategy

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