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IIT Kanpur

Admission to Ph.D. Program, IME Department, IIT Kanpur (Not applicable to NRI/PIO and foreign applicants)   The following stages are involved in the admissions process for the Ph.D. program of…

IIT Madras

IIT Madras The flagship doctoral research programme is a full-fledged research programme designed to prepare and provide exceptional faculty resources for management teaching and research. It molds professionals…

IIT-ISM Dhanbad

Ph. D. (JRF) The aim of the programs is to train the students in a high level of knowledge enabling them to tackle practical complex problems in industrial fields as…

IIT Jodhpur

The Ph.D. program at SME is rigorous and demanding. It has been designed to produce candidates with skills and achievements, enabling them to meaningfully stake their candidature for full-time faculty…

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