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Research Refinement for Manuscript(s)

Researchers write their research papers for conferences and journals, concept notes, theses, grant proposals. These manuscripts sometimes require proofreading or copyediting or substantive editing. We have dedicated editors to refine on your manuscripts to make them publishable quality manuscript.

At Inkpothub, we provide the following editing services to enhance the quality of your research papers and dissertations/theses, and minimize the chances of rejections based on language, structure, consistency and logical flow.

Inkpothub reviews the final draft of any written piece/ manuscript to ensure consistency and accuracy in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting. Proofreading is generally used for theses, dissertations, case studies, blogs, website content, newspaper, etc.


Inkpothub copyediting is for the quality-conscious authors requiring a detailed and thorough language check of their written piece/ manuscript. The copyediting support is generally needed for literature review, research papers, term papers, conference papers, reports, theses, dissertations, case studies, blogs, website content, etc.

Substantive Editing

Inkpothub offers premium service for quality-conscious authors looking for their written piece/ manuscript to be published in high impact factor peer-reviewed journals listed in ABDC, Thomson Reuters (SSCI and SCI), SCOPUS, Web of Sciences, case-studies, for example, Ivey, etc.

Get in touch with us to avail

'The Inkpothub Research Refinement'

services and know more.

  • Proof Reading
  • Copy Editing
  • Substantive Editing
Points for checking Proof ReadingCopy EditingSubstantive Editing
Points for checking
Spelling (correctness & consistency)
Punctuation (correctness & consistency)
Grammar (e.g., article & tense usage)
Technical terminology
Consistency in fonts, numerals, and capitalization, proper sequencing
Checking for proper abbreviations
Formatting of papers
Fixing incorrect word usage, and usage of words in the proper context
Flagging inappropriate figures of speech and libel
Tracking continuity of the subject matter and query discrepancies
Clarity in meaning
Logic, clarity, structure, & flow
In-text reference check
End-list reference check
Checking Plagiarism
Paraphrasing the Plagiarized Contents

Why choose us?

We started our editorial house in Inkpothub. The growth in the Management Research domain compelled us to develop more and better research assistance services.

Our services are tailor-made based on the requirements of Management Researchers. Presently, we have clients across IIMs, NITs, and reputed business schools, central and state universities across India.

World-Class Editing and Proofreading at Your Fingertips with

Lightning-Fast Turnarounds

We are a team of research activity expert editors. We limit the number of engagements; we accept to provide you with the service you deserve.

A reputation for quality

Inkpothub editorial team is focused on delivering you the highest quality work and services. We are immense to handle the most significant engagements and compact enough to maintain a collaborative relationship with our clients.

Highly experienced, ethical and professional editors

Your document is professionally edited and proofread by Inkpothub editors who ensure the document is free from all grammatical errors and has refined style and clarity of meaning.

Entirely confidential, encrypted & secure service

Inkpothub will never share or collect your information without your consent. You have full copyright over your edited document and we assure the confidentiality and security of our service.


At Inkpothub, we provide the following editing services for research papers and dissertations/theses:
  1. Proofreading
  2. Copy Editing
    1. Normal
    2. Extensive
  3. Substantive Editing
    1. Normal
    2. Medium
    3. Extensive
Inkpothub editors improve the quality of language and grammar in the documents submitted and ensure it is error-free, flawless, and effective.

Impanelled editors of Inkpothub would proofread and refine the submitted
document assuring the subscriber of the vital expertise and the desirable

Inkpothub assures the highest level of security of each document submitted to it and ensures its safe movement at every step of the process.

Only two experts would peruse the submitted manuscript: the Inkpothub managing editor and an impanelled editor.
After reviewing the manuscript, the Managing Editor would assign the task to an editor with the requisite scientific background. Both individuals working on your manuscript would maintain the highest degree of confidentiality and have signed confidentiality agreements to the effect.

One can log in at any time to check the status of one's document.

Inkpothub’s pricing would vary depending directly on word count and the timeslot chosen for the document.
A visit to Inkpothub’s pricing page or a call with us is highly recommended to obtain a price quote.

One can make the payment directly using a varied modes of payments including net-banking, debit card, credit card, or UPI, through our secure and encrypted payment gateway.

Your privacy is our supreme priority. Inkpothub assures the highest level of security of each document submitted to it and ensures its safe movement at every step of the process. In this regard, the following organization-wide security measures are adhered to ensure a tension free experience to you –  
  1. Blind review and editing, 
  2. Impanelled editors with flawless reputation and a body of work, 
  3. All our staff members are signatories of confidentiality agreement. 
  4. Inkpothub Promise – The client’s personal information would not be revealed to the editor or any other person, thus offering complete client confidentiality.

Inkpothub would consider every client’s need before commencing the process and would consult and update the client promptly at every step.
A client’s dissatisfaction would usually be uncommon.
But in the case of any such event, one can e-mail Inkpothub requesting a revision at with the document number and feedback/comments.
Please note the reviewing would be done if contacted within four days of receiving the document from the editor’s desk.
Revision free of charges would be made only if the editing process has not met the client’s expectations and reverted with required comments.

If a wrong document has been uploaded, kindly contact the Inkpothub office either through telephone or e-mail to assist the editors set the problem right.
The earlier the better.

Inkpothub works with document formats including 
  1. .docx and .doc (MS Word documents), 
  2. .odt (Open Document Text files), and 
  3. .txt files.
  It also accepts other formats such as .pdf (Adobe Acrobat documents) or image files. Please get in touch with us by chat, telephone, or e-mail if a document is a .pdf file or an image.
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