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Post-doc positions can not be secured easily in this competitive era. The common path followed by scholars is that they look for a higher job immediately after their post-doc, including working as teaching staff or research assistants. These positions are secured by very few scholars and doctorates. Almost a similar pattern is followed in the case of a postdoc position.

If you are one of the hopefuls applying for the vacancy, you can maximise your chances with the following advice. Also, Inkpothub is open to career counseling and management counseling for budding research enthusiasts and scholars. 


You can follow the following Post-doc tips:

  1. Take advice from your Ph.D. supervisor:

Seek guidance from your supervisor, they are the ones who have worked with you and know your capabilities and qualities to a greater extent. They are the best-known advisors to a scholar. You may feel hesitant to reach them at times. But trust me, they are the best counselors for you.


2. Networking with seniors and the research community:

The referral network provides many opportunities to collaborate with professors from the top institutes collaborate with you. You need to identify the research topics and areas that you are interested in. Go to the professors working in a similar area and check if you can visit that particular lab or group.


3. Finding funding:

If you are interested in some specific group to work with, but they tell you that they do not have the funding for you. In that case, you can approach your own institution for funding. You can also apply for local funding.


4. Do not send non-researched requests:

Explore the profile and the kind of projects taken by that group in detail. Just make sure that the profile for which you are applying is well researched. Do not go by the name of the institution, but follow the research interest that you are very passionate about.


5. Build a portfolio career:

Be mobile and comfortable enough to work on specific domains like writing projects, articles etc. Be open to relocating, from one place to another place to find some opportunity. As there are chances that you will find jobs outside your current place. Be prepared to relocate.


6. Researcher for a company:

You can work anywhere in a company or a university. But you need to do quality work in any case. The chances of doing more quality research are high if you are working with the industry. Having access to the latest technology and equipment will help with quality research.


7. Apply for a specific job that meets specific requirements:

In academic jobs, being careful and vigilant gives you success. There are high chances that your profile might be remembered by the invigilator if you apply to multiple areas. This may give the impression that you are not sure enough about the profile and do not know exactly where you want to work.


8. Avoid excessive jargon:

One of the most common observations is that the candidates do not write anything other than the specific requirements. They use jargon most of the time, which is not understandable by the hiring team. If you want that, your application is selected. You will need to work on writing the proposals.


9. Make an attractive CV:

The CV must be considered as the first option instead of making it a first choice. You need to draft CVs in such a way that it does not appear like an accompanying note. The punch lines entice the recruiter to pay details to the CV.


10. Show that you are a team player and prove other qualities than Ph.D.:

The team player is preferred by everyone over the bossy person. The reason for presenting specific qualities is that you can be judged by those qualities. These qualities help in the overall development of the individual. 

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Post-doc by Dr. Pardeep hota

Just remain consistent and committed, you will get results ultimately | Prof. Pradeep Hota | Australian National University

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